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What is IPTouch Animal Massage?

IPTouch is much more than just animal massage. IPTouch works to improve your pet's body and spirit, as well as to strengthen and promote the bond between humans and our furry (and in some cases, not so furry) friends.

IPTouch uses techniques such as:

  • Rolling Furball - good for loosening skin.
  • Animal Vibes & Fur Striping - to increasing circulation and body awareness.
  • Petter's Press, Greyhound Love, and Drummer's Howl - once the animal gives us permission to work deeper.

Animal communication and observational analysis are also two important elements to our animal massage work. Through communication and observation we work to improve areas of unease and discomfort in your pet. Its important to remember that animals cannot speak directly to us. By using the techniques of IPTouch animal massage and care, we can improve the quality of your pet's daily life and stengthen the human-animal bond.

As an Animal Massage and Care Provider, it is our goal to aid your animal in attaining better muscle function, activity levels, and communication between owner and pet.

IPTouch is much more than massage. Learn more at the official IPTouch website.

IPTouch is For All Animals

Adopted Animals, Displaced Pets & Wildlife
Young & Elderly Animals Alike
Athletes & Working Animals

IPTouch is More Than Massage

Improve Pet's Body, Spirit & Quality of Life
Better Muscle Function & Activity Levels
Stengthen the Human-Animal Bond