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Pet Boarding Versus Pet Sitting

Benefits of Pet Sitting

Pets stay home where they are most comfortable.

Being separated from mom & dad is hard enough on your pets. Boarding them in an unfamiliar place only adds to the stress. But Loving Touch pet sitting services are performed in your home for optimal pet happiness. Plus, there's no need to transport your pets since we come to you.

Decreased exposure to illness & depression.

Your pets are safe and happy at home. Poorly kept boarding facilities can result in respiratory illness, and the stresses often associated with being away from home can affect your pet's appetite and over all activity level. Some pets board better than others, and the length of stay can have an effect as well. If your pet has previously shown signs of stress such as loss of appetitie, stamina, or diahrrea after having been board at a facility, in-home pet care may be a much better option.

One-on-one personal attention.

The personal attention that a pet sitter provides cannot be matched by a boarding facility. Boarding facilities can serve anywhere from a few dozen to over two hundred pets at one time, but personal pet sitter has only your pets to focus on. The overall length of interaction that your pet receives is often shorter with a personal pet sitter, but between visits your pet stays at home where they are comfortable. Plus, many pet sitters will also perform basic home care needs, such as watering plants and bringing in the mail.

Flexibility & your pet’s routine.

Your pet most likely has a daily routine. A pet sitter works with your pet’s routine so they stay on track with proper feeding and potty time. That routine is broken when your pet boards at a facility, where feeding and walk times are typically set according to business requirements.

Lower cost for multiple pets.

If you're a family with multiple pets, hiring a personal pet sitter can actually save you money. Loving Touch pet sitting services are charged per family, not per pet, which can result in significant savings over the cost of pet boarding. And since pet sitting services are performed in your home, you save time and money by not having to transport your pet.

Benefits of Pet Boarding

Opportunities for frequent socialization.

A boarding facility may offer all-day socialization that some dogs may enjoy. Dog day camps can be a low cost way to give your dog some exercise while you're at work. But if your dog is too aggressive or the staff is not well trained in handling high energy dogs, your pet may be removed from camp and kept isolated, so choose your boarding facility wisely.

24 hour round the clock care.

Most boarding facilities are staffed 24 hours a day, with at least one person covering the overnight shift. Pet sitters often visit at intervals during the day, but some offer overnight stays as well.

If your pet requires 24 hour care due to medical concerns, boarding your pet at a local vet's office may be the best choice. If you're looking for a great vet, we recommend Town Center Animal Hospital. Loving Touch has worked with many vets over the years, and Dr. Brooks and staff at Town Center are the best in the business.

Lower cost for single pets.

For families with only one pet, a boarding facility may be less expensive than the cost of a personal pet sitter. But keep in mind you must also drop your dog off and pick them up, which costs you time and gas money.

Loving Touch offers a free Meet & Greet.

We'd love the chance to get to know your pet. Our free Meet & Greet allows you to get to know your pet sitter, and vice versa, before any services begin. Give us a call today at (702) 715-4071 to schedule an appointment or to learn more.